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General Questions

Is there a Physical store I can visit ?

Why the website called Rassme ?

Who's behind Rassme ?

Is there other payment methods rather than cash on delivery in Jordan?

From where you get the products ?

Refund and Return

Return Policy

What are the non-returnable items?

I bought something and I want to return it how ?

When I will get the refunds (if applicable)?


Delivery Prices

What is the delivery time ?

Do you ship internationally?

What are the delivery Prices for Jordan ?

Are you going to call me before delivering my order?

Will rassme get anything from the delivery charge ?

Quantity Discount

Quantity discount for a customer

I'm a customer and I want a quantity discount, can you offer that ?

I'm a supplier, shop owner and I want a quantity discount, can you offer that ?

I have a website and I want to start a drop shipping with you and get commission is that possible ?

I have a shop and I want to rent some of your items, is that possible ?

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