Handmade Traditional Turkish Tile Plate Decorative Plate Wall Hanging Plate

USD 28.00

Handmade Traditional Turkish Tile Plate Decorative Plate Wall Hanging Plate

◆ Turkish ceramic plate was made in our own workshop. The design of the decorative plate belongs to us and is unique.

◆◆◆ Our special ceramic plate will be sent with a wooden plate stand, hanging rope.If there is a special note you want on the back of the plate, we can write it.

◆◆◆ The drawing and painting of the patterns on our plates is completely handmade. Since the patterns of our plates are improvised painting by our master, there is 1 piece of each product. The same plate you see in the picture will be sent.We offer our products for sale as a result of long labor and effort. Do not compare our products with the products whose pattern is printed or pasted.

◆ Height: 1.5'' ( 4 Cm ) Width: 7'' ( 18 Cm )

◆ You can use this ceramic plate to put food, cakes, dessert.

◆ Coated with Lead Free Glaze (Safe Food) and baked at 1040 ° C.

◆ This colorful ceramic plate is a perfect decorative accent to any niche, table or mantle at your home or you can hang it.

◆◆◆ The ceramic plate was made hand painted pixel by pixel with special paints. Vivid colors were used on the plate and there would be no fading of color. During the painting process, a special technique, the Relief Technique, was used. When you touch the plate, you feel the patterns in your hand.

◆ Decorative ceramic plate is dishwasher safe. This is a piece of art so please don't put it into the microwave. A microwave will ruin the texturing of on the platter.