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Mokuru Japanese Rollver Desktop Flip Toy
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    Mokuru Japanese Rollver Desktop Flip Toy

    USD 7.00

      Mokuru Japanese Rollver Desktop Flip Toy

      MOKURU is an amazing desktop toy crafted with qualityM0. It has a simple design with endless possibilities that will test your creativity and dexterity. Play with MOKURU for fun or sharpen your skills and style to become a master. You can even play MOKURU with friends. It’s totally up to you!


      There are countless reasons that MOKURU may be suitable for you! Just by playing with MOKURU for few minutes daily can resurrect levels of enthusiasm and give you great satisfaction. It can also help you to sharpen your focus and eye-hand collaboration. Or simply, playing MOKURU can give you endless fun and joy!

      Every now and then, a design and material come changes in-order to create maximum playability. After hand crafted of prototypes, numerous configuration was tested using different material during the ideation stage .we've tweaked every last detail to arrive at the MOKURU you see today.