Ceramic Bowl Turkish Colorful

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Turkish Colorful Ceramic Bowl

Handmade Decorative Design Turkish Ceramic Snack Bowls

Handcrafted Pinch Multicolor Finger Small Serving Bowls

About this item

  • ✧ Ottoman Tulips Design Hand-Painted So Cute Decorative Multi-Purpose Ceramic Bowl Set (Set of 6 - 3,15" / 3,15" - 1,58" 3 Oz) Handcrafted Pinch Small Finger Bowls
  • ✧ Unique Decorative Accessory designer bowls are built in Fruit desing and can be used as decor item.Ceramic bowls are suitable acceeory for mixing wet or dry ingredients, Microwave, oven,freezer and dishwasher safe. Size (L-W-H): 3.15''-3.15''-1.58''
  • ✧ A Serving Bowls are suitable for ice cream custart snack small portion of fruit .Also perfect for parties to present ketchup,soy sauce and other flovorful condiments. Also please consider that all pieces are handmade so they slighty differ from each other
  • ✧ This special bowls look with hand painted colors will make your table look amazing.The patterns on it were meticulously processed. It protects the color vitality and texture for many years. A stylish product that you can give to your loved ones and friends
  • ✧ Quality Guarantee: We trust the quality of our product so much that we accept to replace it with a perfectly new one or we pay your money back!


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    Use the small plates mini bowls as tapas dishes, saucer dipping bowls, snack bowl, ceramic sauce pots, teabag dish, tapas bowls, sauce dipping pots, pinch pots, olive pots, snack serving set. They will serve you as a heat mat or as and decoration near a colorful mosaic vase, decorative glass stones for vases, ceramic pot set, mug. Enjoy the evening, have drinks or just a cup of coffee or tea with your family in the kitchen dining table.