Hand Made Djembe Goblet Drum

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Hand Made Djembe Goblet Drum

This drum is made from Indonesian plantation timber – Swietania Shorea, or ‘Big Leaf’ Mahogany. Each drum is hand carved and manufactured by a family business. The drum heads are made from fully tanned and sun-bleached goat skin. The highest quality nylon cord is used to string the head. This drum will give you many years of enjoyment

he djembe is a popular form of drum, rivaled primarily by the conga and steel pan. The djembe has its origins in the Bamanakan phrase ‘Anke dje, anke be’, which translates to ‘everyone gather together’.

This  djembe drum is perfect for younger users. Each fair trade djembe drum has an original style and is hand carved – no two are alike. The djembe is an easy instrument for developing percussion skills. A hand-held instrument usually played with your bare hands, the djembe is often found being played in groups along with other percussion instruments. The djembe has an incredible tonal range, from thunderclap to whisper soft, setting it apart from other drums.

The djembe is a goblet drum made in North Africa or the Middle East out of clay, wood or metal. The head of the drum (or skin) is usually made from animal skins, but today is commonly made with thin plastic which gives it a solid "smack" sound. When struck it produces a sharp sound with deep bass tones.

These drums are available in different models and sizes with the skins attached in different ways for tuning. To tune the djembe you need to tighten the head 'til you get the desired "pop" sound. Lots of smackin' stretches the skins, changing the sound and pitch of the drum. They are also available in funky patterns and ethnic painted designs.


The Djembe Hand Drum comes in multiple sizesThe Djembe Hand Drum comes in multiple sizes

If you would rather groove standing up you can attach a strap to make it portable. Djembes are available at larger music stores ranging in price depending on size, make and origin. These popular drums are a favorite used by many musicians.

Perfect for desk.

Good for stress or as gift.

Write whatever you want on the leather.

Made in Indonesia