High Quality Breakfast Set, Decorative Bowl Set, Ceramic Set, Serving Set, Mezze Set, Turkish Ceramic Food Serving Set

USD 100.00

High Quality Breakfast Set, Decorative Bowl Set, Ceramic Set, Serving Set, Mezze Set, Turkish Ceramic Food Serving Set

◆ Turkish ceramic breakfast set was made in our own workshop. The design of the breakfast set belongs to us and is unique.

◆ If there is a special note you want on the back of the plate, we can write it.

◆◆◆ The drawing and painting of the patterns on our breakfast set is completely handmade. Since the patterns of our bowl set are improvised painting by our master, there is 1 piece of each product. The same breakfast set you see in the picture will be sent.We offer our products for sale as a result of long labor and effort. Do not compare our products with the products whose pattern is printed or pasted.

◆ Ceramic Plate Diameter : 38 Cm ( 14.9'' ) LARGE SIZE

◆ The set consists of a total of 8 pieces.

◆ Coated with Lead Free Glaze (Safe Food) and baked at 1040 ° C.

◆◆◆ The ceramic breakfast set was made hand painted pixel by pixel with special paints. Vivid colors were used on the breakfast set and there would be no fading of color. During the painting process, a special technique, the Relief Technique, was used. When you touch the breakfast set, you feel the patterns in your hand.

◆ The unique ceramic set is dishwasher-safe. Please don't put it in the microwave. The microwave will damage the texture on the bowl.

-Lead-free (Food-safe)
-Dish-washer Safe
-Unique Anatolian Motifs
*Can be a great&unique gift!
-Ceramic Tray measures 38 cm (14.9")
-Set contains 8 pieces.
-Premium quality
-Can be a very unique gift!

Turkish Ceramic Bowl set, Appetizer Dishes Set Bowl Dinnerware Serving Set

Colors: red and black and green or multicolor

This set includes 8 items – 7 bowls and 1 (0ne) big main dish plate.

Diameter of big plate -33 cm (13 in), small long bowls – 6.29 In.

These wonderful handmade plates will be a great gift for any holiday. Traditional Turkish pottery and authentic oriental color will create a unique atmosphere in your home. You can use them as tableware, home and office decorations, restaurants or catering establishments.

You can easily use it as part of your daily life. Colorful ceramic bowls that add color to your breakfast tables and all your moments.

Suitable for dishwashing.

There is NO crack or damage on this item, white spots are flash light reflection.
Made in Turkey.
Material: ceramic
Quantity:  8 Piece
The approximate size is:
13 inch , 6 inch

Tile-ceramic is a traditional handmade painting art. Iznik and Kutahya in Turkey in the 1600s began in the year. This art, also known as embossed hand painting, reflects history. Our ceramics are handmade and produced with ancient handpainted art. After the ceramics are painted by hand, they are fired in an oven at 1300 degrees. Therefore, it is absolutely not harmful to health. Vase, jug, various pots, plates, mugs and bolws... are created with models and coloring processes. Today, it is among the items used in the decoration of various environments and homes.