Premium Turquoise Pearl Gemstones Globe Wooden Rotation

USD 100.00

Premium Turquoise Pearl Gemstones Globe Wooden Rotation

Anyone familiar with Gemstone Globes knows what a beautiful addition they make to your home or office. Now imagine taking your favorite room to the next level of luxurious refinement. With the flip of a switch, the already beautiful globe becomes truly breathtaking! The translucent oceans glow and the semiprecious gemstones come alive as they are bathed in the soft internal lighting. All the while the globe rotates continuously to provide an unobstructed view of every aspect of your beautiful Gemstone Earth Globe.

Containing some 190 semi precious gemstones, the Turquoise Pearl provides a colorful representation of the political world, with each country represented by its own semiprecious stone. As you would expect from a high quality Gemstone Globe, the Globe is crafted with meticulous care and compares favorably to any of the top quality, non illuminated, Gemstone Globes. However, with the addition of its internal illumination and powered rotation, the Nova raises the experience of owning a Gemstone Globe to a whole new level of visual enjoyment.

This large desktop gemstone globe is a spectacular demonstration of hand craftsmanship. this beautiful gemstone desktop globe has been crafted & assembled by hand using many different genuine natural semi-precious gemstones. each stone has been cut, ground, & polished to exacting interlocking shapes, then inlaid to form the countries and continents of the globe. the oceans have been created using a crushed colored mother of pearl powder that makes the water appear as if it is moving. because each globe is hand made using natural stones, there may be slight variations in colors and shapes. this large desktop gemstone globe is truly a work of art!