Traditional Handmade Ceramic Ashtray

USD 8.00

Traditional Handmade Ceramic Ashtray 

Traditional handmade ceramic ashtray, hand painted colorful ashtray. A wonderful aesthetic product that will bring special Turkish and Anatolian breezes to your home.
It positively changes the entire ambiance of the environment it is in. You can use this product as a decorative carrier in desktop-like places. It can change your shelves and the ambiance of your table and countertops. It is handmade from the highest quality ceramic material. Hand-painted by the most successful masters of the work.


 This ceramic ashtray was made in our own workshop. The design of the ceramic ashtray belongs to us and is unique.

- Height: 1.2'' (3 Cm) ; Width: 3.9'' (10 Cm) LARGE SIZE

- Awesome visual for office and home decor.

- The color does not fade. The product is completely handmade and a great gift for cigarette lovers.

Hand Painted Ceramic Ashtray, Traditional Decorative Ceramics, Turkish Bohemian Floral Ceramic, Boho Home and Kitchen Decor

ANTIQUE : The production is done Turkey, just like how it was in 16th century. The surfaces are polished with emery before the pieces are put into the oven at 900-100 º C. You can find the largest collection from 17th century in the British Museum ( Middle East Department & Cultures/Periods : Ottoman Dynasty)

- Dishwasher safe

UNIQUE : every single piece of ceramic bowls has painted by hand.

The ceramics are hand painted indiviually in vibrant floral patterns. They have slight variations from one to another, such as patterns, coloration. We will send you a similar design bowl to the pictures.

Small: 8 cm

Large: 11cm

- 4 Inch
- Handmade
- Colorful
- Awesome visual for office and home decor.
- It- Made of high-quality ceramic.